Puppy on the table,
Puppy on the floor,
Puppy knocking over things,
And scratching on the door.

Puppy has dug up the lawn,
Puppy wakes up at dawn,
Puppy eating rocks,
And chewing up my socks.
Puppy ate my sisters slippers,
And ate the fins off her toy flipper.

Puppy played in my sisters room,
Sister said puppy's at his doom.
Puppies, joyful puppies... happy
He ate a carton of saltwater taffy.
Puppy's heart is big and strong
He'll be my best friend all year long.

-By Chelsea, age 12



Sky is red and white suppose to have blue eyes but one changed to green, so she has 1 blue and 1 green eyes. She is full of spunk and is trying to take them all on. She goes up to Blue and grabs his tall and takes off running, with it in her teeth.
She is a ball of energy.


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